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                        Digital pictures have advantages of being transmittable. It is very useful for web page design, Email, insurance appraisal, real estate, and many commercials or amateur use. Picture from digital camera does not require chemical processing. Therefore, it is very time efficient. It is erasable. It does not require physical storage space. It is highly reproducible. It would not fade out on colour with time when it is in digital form. Digital picture is highly editable. Special effect is easily applied.

Digital pictures have disadvantage of requiring equipment to view it, therefore, it is not very portable. Printing a digital picture is very costly and time consuming. It could cost you average $3.00-$5.00 of ink per print. You could spend few hours on printing a picture, especially you could make mistake, and or printer error, and or head clog, and or running out of ink in the middle of a print. The dye used on most colour printer is very water-soluble and ultra violet light bleachable. Damp fingers can damage the print. Display near sunlight can fade the print very quickly. Since digital pictures require media for storage. Any scratches, or hardware failure can lose your data permanently. Digital pictures are stored in the form of pixels. Viewing or printing low-resolution pictures at high magnification can see the pixels as squares.

Before you scan your pictures, or purchase a digital camera, you should consider the purpose of your digital pictures. Do not blindly scan your pictures at high resolution without any knowledge. Otherwise, you could get complains all over from your viewers. There are many file formats available for storage. Non-compressed format such as TIF is very un-efficient. Slower computers may take half an hour to open a file. Many digital camera and web page use JPG compressed format. It has much smaller file size. You should use lower resolution for web page design. Otherwise, you viewer could take long time to see your page. Before sending Email with picture, you should aware of the speed of the equipment on the receiving side as well. Otherwise, you could freeze up his line.

We have different services of converting regular pictures into digital formats. We do not recommend customer to convert a whole roll of film into CD unless he is sure every frame is nice and is required. A good album should be sorted, retouched, and titled. Quality album CD could take many hours of work to produce. It could be very costly for amateur. There are different types of software and hardware immediately available for do it your self. Reflective scanner is required for scanning non-transmission media. Flatbed scanner is available at very affordable prices. Film scanner should be used for negative scanning. CD writer is getting very popular too.

Digital picture is suitable for computer related use. It would not be able to replace conventional photo. Equivalent quality and resolution to silver halide picture will require tremendous amount of memory and computer time to process. Consumer should measure his own requirement before committing into digital.

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