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Environmental Issue on Photography

How can I help the environment with my photography budget?
We have found lots of people are taking too many pictures and keeping too little of them. Most of these bad pictures will end up to the dumpsite. If you understand a bit more on photography, then you would understand that under many lighting conditions are not suitable for photography. By using better equipment, more artistic creativity, more knowledge, you can reduce you spending budget to create better quality photos.

The manufacturers claim they would recycle disposable camera. Should I use disposable camera?
To make a camera re-usable would not cost more than a one time use camera. It fact, we discovered manufacturers are deliberately make one time use camera non-refillable There are very low percentage of these waste camera return for recycle. The quality, performance, and price of these disposable products are inferior. Therefore, there is no reason for you to use them.

Should I use a better camera?
Better equipment will last longer, giving better results. It is cheaper in the long run.

I remember many years ago, I could buy bulk reload film and reload them on a used film cartridge. Why is it I can not do it now?
Bulk film is not as common as before because of better technology could make things cheaper while generating more garbage. Many manufacturers have deliberately made film cartridges non-refillable to protect their own market. Re-usable film cartridges are already completely removed.

Many manufacturer promoting environmental protection, why do you look at them negatively?
Many manufacturer promoting environment issues as advertising gimmick. They do not really have faith if you look at their business conduct.

Does lower price on photofinishing benefits consumer?
Lower prices make people more affordable. We have found people are too affordable nowadays. They are wasting more resources causing harm to our environment.

Are you telling to take lesser pictures?
You could make better pictures but less in quantity.

Is photo chemistry harmful to our environment?
Photo chemistry is highly bio-degradable. Most contents are extracted from the sea, wood ashes, fertilizers, etc. It has no harm to our environment.

Why is it some companies saying photo chemistry is very toxic?
These companies want to take advantage of the environmental issue.

What is the best way to handle my photo affair?
Learn more on photography, use better equipment, make better pictures. You will spend less in the long run.

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