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APS - Advanced photo system. A new kind of film format aiming to consumers market to replace formerly 127, 126, disc, 110 formats.

Contrast - The ratio between the brightest and darkest. Contrast too high can reduce half tone. Contrast too low will make pictures looks flat.

Daylight - General purpose film are colour balanced to sunlight two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. Electronic flash has light spectrum close to sunlight.

Digital image - A method to record image electronically. A digital image is composed of pixels of electronic signal rather than grain.

DIN - A German film speed specification. It is based on logarithmic.

DX Code - A kind of electrical contact code packaged in the 35mm film cartridge, such that it can program your camera to the correct film speed and number of exposures available automatically.

Exposure - The process of making the film sensitized to light in order to create a latent image.

Fill in - Using existing light is sometimes un-ideal. Such as light coming from one direction can make shadow on face. Using fill in light or light reflector can remove shadow.

Fluorescent - Fluorescent light has greenish spectrum. Pictures taken in shopping mall, gymnastic hall, and public areas are usually having green cast. Photographer can use a conversion filter to correct it.

Grain - Silver halide type film is made of crystal. Enlarging an image can make crystal appears as grain. Faster film has larger crystal. Slow speed film has finer grain.

ISO - Film speed is defined by using international standard organization specifications. Formerly, ASA specification was used.

Latent image - A hidden image created after film exposed to light. A chemical process called developing can bring out permanent image.

Tungsten light - Light emitted by incandescent light bulb contains yellowish spectrum. Using daylight type film can produce a yellow cast all over. Photographer should use conversion filter to correct this problem. Most movie films are colour balanced to tungsten light. Tungsten light type films are not immediately available to consumers. Using conversion filter can reduce film speed.


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