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How to select a high quality photo finisher

Is price an important factor to select a photofinisher?
Price is not an important factor to select your photo finisher. Photo is a piece of art, a timeless memory. We are not looking for high volume (unless you need many). We are looking for fine quality on selected memorable. You do not have to store many pictures per memorable occasion; otherwise, you may have a hard time to retrieve them from your album. You guest may not even have the patience to see them. Some people take lots of poor quality pictures and end up in the waste.


Our whale watch boat trip is a very memorable event.




How to judge the quality of a photofinisher?
To judge a good photofinisher, you must not put your own fault factor on them. For example, your film may have already been damaged by heat, or you have a very poor quality camera. On assuming you film is good on certain degree. Your photofinisher will also have the responsibility to correct some of your mistakes. That is, they should have the basic printing skill. Besides that, they should have good quality control.

My photofinisher is a member of the quality control group; does it mean I have a good quality guarantee?
Not necessary, quality control is very depending on experience, chemical knowledge, printing skill and etc. A membership is a marketing strategy. It can only guarantee their member using their products, it does not necessary reflect their experience, especially on printing skill.

My photofinisher has highly automatic machine; does it mean they have good quality?
Not necessary, automatic machine can speed up production, it does not necessary reflect high quality. In fact, no machine can replace the human brain.

What kind of pre-requisite to be a good photofinisher?
Good photofinisher should have good colour differentiation. That is, they should have good eyesight to compare minute details on colours, and contrast. They have to understand colour principle. They should also understand photographic theory, composition, chemistry, optics, computer, etc.

If photofinishing is almost automated and computer controlled, why do we need experience?
Computer needs people to setup. It does not have the eye as human. Machinery can assist people to perform faster; it does not have the intelligent as human.

Does enlargement requires higher skill than regular printing?
Yes, a photograph through the hand of an experienced photofinisher can bring an image to a piece of art.

I always get a very white face on my flash photo, whose fault?
You get a white face because your flash and camera are not properly adjusted, causing an over exposure on close subject. Although it is your fault, however, your photo finisher should know how to correct them without your request. See printing skill.

I took lots of photos and I keep them until I find a sale on photofinishing. Is it a smart choice?
No. Exposed film has limited life on latent image. Colour will fade with time very quickly on unprocessed film.

I like to use high-speed film. My pictures always have incorrect colours, whose fault?
High-speed film can easily cause colour failure because of over exposure. See how to select film. A good photo finisher should know how to correct them to a certain degree.

I always go to a photofinisher who gives free extra set. Is it a smart choice?
If your pictures are always turning out good and you really need all of them. It is a smart choice. However, we found the percentage of photos that really need extra set is very low. For environmental reason, please avoid it.

My photofinisher works in a very clean room enclosed with glass. How come my pictures still have non-removable white images of hairs, fingerprints, white sports and etc?
Film is very electrically static. I the operator do not know how to handle the film, fiber from cloths, dust from the wall; floor and equipment can cling to the negative, making a permanent image on the print.

How come my face is pale colour in my photo whenever I wear a red dress?
This is because the computer has seen too much red colour and ordered a cutoff. This phenomenon is called colour failure. Experienced operator will know how to correct it.

My skin tone is black. I am very mad with my pictures because I can see only a black shadow of myself, whose fault?
People with dark skin tone can make a bit of over exposure to correct the problem. An experienced photofinisher will print it lighter. They can tell your skin tone by looking at the negative. Computer will not know how to correct it because it can not distinguish people's race.

My prints have black marks, what caused them?
Dirty machine, poor machine maintenance.


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